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    GPS, Chartplotter, fishfinder combo-gctid371942

    I am looking to put a new system in the boat. Can I get some opinions on chartplotter/fishfinder combos? I am leaning toward the lowrance elite 5 DSI. Anyone here have one of these, or has an opinion on this item or even suggest another, and why.

    Just want to make the right choice the first time,,,these are too much money to be making a mistake!! LOL



    I have a lowrance hds7, my second lowrance. They make a good product!


      I don't have much experience with other units, but I went with Garmin. They are easy to network with the NEMA 2000 setup,I hate those tiny wires used by the 0183 system. I currently have a 740s, 5012, radar, and 200 VHF, love all of it. My old boat even had fuel flow sensors that networked to the 740s, all very simple.



        I've been looking at the Standard Horizon CPF390i. The feacher I like is the larger screen for less $. The lack of integration with electronic controlled engines dosen't effect my carbed engine, all the other feachers are similar. 1 issue I'm concerned with is the product is hard to find on the retail market so I wonder about buying a unrepresented product. The company has a good rep for customer service . I'm just not quite comfortable buying a odd ball unit.


          bought one of these - actually I bought the CPF3001, which is the identical unit, but with a different model# (make sure the dealer flashes it with the latest firmware) and a WHOLE lot cheaper because they're "last years model" .
          1989 Bayliner 3270


            Garmin's for reliability and ease of operation with better basemaps.

            Lowrance for the best fishfinding ability, but beware of slow customer service and quality issues(unit's dead out of the box, not working right etc etc).

            The lowrance basemaps really lack in my area and actually cut us off short of the border, you have to buy the upgraded chip.

            I ended up getting separate garmin 5" GPS and 5" Depth/FF units with the G2 maps preloaded for $100 less than what a single HDS-5 or ELite 5 with chip would have cost, and I don't have run split screen or hop back and forth with 2separate units.

            I almost went for the CP390 myself but didn't like the controls, and again the base map had problems in my area so again more $$$ for a chip.

            If your boat is similar to mine you have alot of horizontal dash space. I'd get a Garmin 5-series GPS, and then put your favorite depth/fish finder next to it. Shop carefully online and you can get the whole package for ~$700 transducer and all if you can install yourself.

            I bought the Garmin 3205 from Maple Leaf GPS on ebay for $430 and it has the external antenna you'll need for the hardtop boat, G2 bluechart already preloaded, and a 640 pixel screen. It can be expanded with other garmin goodies like radar but there are only a few left as they discontinued them in favor of the new touch screen(bogus with smelly jelly herring fingers). I then got the 500c to put next to it, also from Amazon for $279, color with a 640 pixel screen and water temp. If one goes down I still have the other so I'll always have an idea how much water I have under the boat.


              I have purchased from these guys and they have a sale shipping free in Canada

              John McLellan White Rock BC
              "Halifax Jack"
              1999 2855 383 stroker BII
              MMSI 316004337


                Finally managed to get the new Standard Horizon GX2150 VHF (with AIS receiver) and the new CPF300i plotter installed and wired. Now not only does the VHF have real-time location info, but the Plotter now shows me the location of any vessel (within range) that's broadcasting an AIS signal.

                Very happy with both pieces of equipment...absolutely the best bang for the buck
                1989 Bayliner 3270


                  I have the Lowrance LMS 525 I love this unit. I added the external antenna which finds my location in seconds. I have added the fuel flow and fluid capacity. The network is easy to install and I can add a second plotter to the network very easy. I can connect it to a autopilot once I buy one, connecting to the VHF for my MMSI was very easy.

                  300SD all options sold.