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  • fuel tank problem-gctid371641

    1991 2655 Ciera doe's not want to take on fuel fast anyone have this problem? Trying to fill fast results in fuel "spitting back" thru vent and filler neck.

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    Most boats don't take fuel fast. Since you stated that fuel comes out the vent, I will assume it's open.

    Check for low areas in the fuel fill line (sags, pinches, etc) but what puzzles me is that it is coming out both at same time. Are you sure you don't already have a full tank? Yes I know, stupid question but usually only those 2 things happen when full tank.

    Also if the boat sits too low in the a** end (on trailer, in water) you could be trying to fill while the tank inlets are submerged, making the fill harder, and showing low on fuel from a gauge.

    So check lines for sag, vents open, and make sure you are relatively level when filling.