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  • New controls for 3055-gctid343640

    Hi all, Has anyone fitted, used or know anything about Mercury Electronic Throttle & Shift Controls. This one is a Smartcraft DTS Dual Console Remote Control MODEL 877775A07. I have the opportunity to buy one at the right price, are these worth owning ? Cheers Steve

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    That part number is only the helm control. You will still need the computer and all the mechanical parts to drive the throttle and shift cables at the engine. I would REALLY like to get DTS on my boat instead of replacing the aged cables, but I can't find any reasonably priced options. I'm considering building my own, as it's really just like an RC control system with servos and potentiometers.


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      I was given quotes of $12k and $15k for fitting a Merc or third party DTS system to my boat. I don't really know how much of that is labor and parts, but clearly the set of parts is expensive, and surely would require custom machining to fit on an older boat. All the DTS systems are on MPI engines which are already computer controlled.


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        Hi TPONZ,

        Hope all is well.

        Go to this forum:

        I replaced my throttles last spring with Tleflex including the new cables.

        Wanted the elctronic but for the price it made more sense. I am extremely happy with the new ones!