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1985 2750 ciera sunbridge-gctid371053

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    1985 2750 ciera sunbridge-gctid371053

    Ok, first time poster here, so bear with me. Got an 85 2750 ciera sunbridge cheap a couple years a go, never had on water. The last registration I could find is 04, so I would say 8 years dry. Been working on her in the driveway for the last couple, and finally headed to the lake today.

    The good, uneventful 80 mile trip, unloaded fine, fired right up, floated (always good), didnt take on a drop of water.

    The bad, we unloaded in the marina, when I got through the breaker, I fired down on it. ran up to about 3200 rpm, pickled up speed, got stuck at about 13 mph, wouldnt plane out, and then started dropping rpms. the longer I went, the more i had to back down the throttle to keep her going. before I took her, I emptied the fuel cell and filled her up with fresh gas. I took loose the fuel filter, (thinking that is the problem) and brought it home, cut it open, and there seems to be no trash in it. There is a line running from the carb to the fuel pump,(not sure what it is, 1/4", looks like a vaccum or overflow hose) and it is gummed up.Could i have a bad fuel pump, or trash in the carb?

    Once again, runs great at idol, starts on the flip of the switch, and throttles up great in neutral. Any help would be appreciated.

    It wouldn't hurt if you gave us some more information. I assume that this is a Volvo Penta AQ 260 engine???

    The line/tube running from the fuel pump to the carburetor (or sometimes the flame arrestor) is a diaphragm burst protection line intended to dump any from (fuel from a rupture) into the carburetor.

    If this line is gunked up, it may mean that fuel has been in it, and it's time to replace the fuel pump with a like Marine fuel pump.

    Change the main fuel filter, and change the small filter that will just inside of the inlet at the carburetor.

    Make sure that your engine is timing correctly!

    Do NOT use an Automotive Ignition system, or any Automotive Advance specs.

    This must meat an OEM specified Marine ignition curve and limit, or you may damage this engine.

    NOTE: this graph shows the distributor curve/limit and is minus BASE advance.

    So when you strobe your timing marks, you will be seeing this curve plus the BASE advance that you set.

    Do you know what the drive ratio is?

    For the V-8, this must be the 1.61:1 over-all ratio.

    It's not uncommon to see where someone installed an incorrect ratio lower unit.

    Also make sure that your drive set pin is in the center position.

    The hull bottom must also be clean and free of any marine growth.

    Prop must be in true tune and have a good center hub, or it will not perform.

    Rick E. Gresham, Oregon
    2850 Bounty Sedan Flybridge model
    Twin 280 HP 5.7's w/ Closed Cooling
    Volvo Penta DuoProp Drives
    Kohler 4 CZ Gen Set


      I had an '87 2750 for a number of years. It had a GM 350 CI engine with a 4-barrel Holley carb and an OMC Cobra drive. Besides the main fuel filter there is a small, in-line filter in a body housing on the carb itself.

      BTW - the 2750 Ciera is a great boat. I still miss mine but I love my new Bay even more. I hope you have some badass water where you live because the 2750 will eat it up. Gotta keep the engine running though.


        hey, I have the 5.7omc, iwht a stinger 800 outdrive. prop is in good shape, bottom just painted about 6 months ago, not sure about the drive ratio, lower is origional to the boat.The inline filter you guys are talking about, (I assume it is acctually in the carb, where the main fuel line comes into it) is it a replaceable filter, or do I just need to clean it? I took my spin on filter off and cut it open, the filter media looks old and brittle, but not dirty or clogged.I live in Kentucky, 80 miles from ky lake and lake barkley. barkley is 58,000 acres, ky is 160,000, and thats not counting all the tributaries



          1985 2750 ciera sunbridge with an OMC Stringer Drive?????? Whoah, that Bayliner apparently slipped out the back door.

          In 1985, this should have been Volvo Penta according to what we see routinely.

          The Stringer Drive has it's issues, and you'll want to educate yourself on this before you throw your hard earned money at it.

          This would assuming that you may run into issues..... and I certainly hope that you do not.

          The term "Stringer Drive" comes to be due to the method in which the drive/engine is attached to the hull.

          The drive thrust is NOT transferred to the transom.

          Instead, it is transferred through the engine into the engine mounting and into the stringers.

          If you were to loose engine attachment, the whole drive and engine may slide forward.

          This is not theory.... this has actually happened to these OMC Stringer Drive boats.

          You can imagine the problems if this was to occur.

          You'll want to make darn sure that the engine-to-stringer attachment is rock solid.

          In many cases, the Stringer Drive transom is not structural, and the opening is much larger than the Stern Drive openings.

          This means that changing to a stern drive would require some work.

          Not an impossible task, many have done this, but it's quite involved.

          BTW, from what we can see, the boat actually looks pretty darn clean. :coo-

          Just be careful with the above info and warning.

          Good luck, and keep us up to date.

          Rick E. Gresham, Oregon
          2850 Bounty Sedan Flybridge model
          Twin 280 HP 5.7's w/ Closed Cooling
          Volvo Penta DuoProp Drives
          Kohler 4 CZ Gen Set


            It is definetly a stringer, my books on the boat show that to be origional. I am installing a new spin on filter and inlet filter today, will keep you posted.


              vicjunkie wrote:
              The inline filter you guys are talking about, (I assume it is acctually in the carb, where the main fuel line comes into it) is it a replaceable filter, or do I just need to clean it?
              If this is a Rochester Quadajet, yes..... it will be mounted just inside of the inlet fitting.

              The replacements today are typically the screen type.

              If this is plugged up and/or restricting fuel flow, it will give you problems.

              Be careful when removing the fitting. These can be real stubborn.... so use patience.

              Be sure to back it up with a second wrench as to not torque the carburetor body.

              If you can use a six point tubing wrench, it helps against rounding off the hex.

              Rick E. Gresham, Oregon
              2850 Bounty Sedan Flybridge model
              Twin 280 HP 5.7's w/ Closed Cooling
              Volvo Penta DuoProp Drives
              Kohler 4 CZ Gen Set


                That is one clean looking 1985!!

                As Rick stated keep a close eye on that drive/engine and close attention to the intermediate housing as well.
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                  Now that's a nice looking 2750. Here's a pic of mine at her last haulout under my ownwership:

                  [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/674712=26469-43.jpg[/img]Great hull for SF Bay. I had a lot of fun with that boat.


                    Took her out today, whooo hooo, ran out great. I replaced the spin on filter and the inlet filter. ran up to about 4300rpms under load, and planed out fine. backed her down to about 3200rpms, (water bad0 ran about 22mph) ran her for about 2 hrs. all is well. thanks for all the input, and I think I did pretty well on my second time parking her in the slip, my old lady helped with no problem. here are some pics from yesterday.Thanks for the compliments, I put alot of work into her. I am also gonna upload some other pics, so you guy can see just how clean she is






                      ran out fine today, replced spin on filter and filer in carb, no problems. cruised at 22mph, (water was horrible today) ran fine for about 2 hrs. thanks for all the input , here are a few pics from yesterday.



                        took her out again today. ran out great, water was bad rough. got her up to about 22mph. replaced spin on filter and inlet filterthanks for all the compliments, wasnt so clean when i got her, alot of work. did pretty good in the slip, wasnt as nervios as i was yesterday. My ol lady did a good job of pulling her in.

                        [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/674775=26507-02.jpg[/img] Attached files [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/674775=26508-01.jpg[/img]