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12v/110v refrigerator issue.-gctid370921

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    12v/110v refrigerator issue.-gctid370921

    I am new to the site and enjoy the wealth of information posted... Thanks...

    I have a 1989 2955 Avanti... Last summer the refrigerator stopped working on dc... The little light inside the fridge would barely be illuminated... It works fine on shore power... I noticed that my house battery was not up to snuff so I replaced it this year. I was hoping that it would also take care of my refrigerator problem. It did not.

    Any suggestions on what to look for, or is it possible that the dc part of the fridge is shot?

    Thanks for the help and the site.

    Welcome! I am also new, a long time poster, first time reader.

    What model 'fridge?


      If this is a 12 vdc/120 vac capable compressor type refrigerator, the compressor motor operates on the same vac voltage no matter which source..... 12 vdc or 120 vac.

      The controller unit is what Inverts 12 vdc to the compressor voltage (somewhere between 24-28 vac and sometimes 32 vac) and/or steps down (transforms) the 120 vac S/P to compressor voltage.

      The actual compressor motor won't know the difference!

      So... if the compressor works while your S/P is the source......., then it in theory should work while your 12 vdc is the source...... if the 12 vdc circuit is good.

      Check your 12 vdc circuit to varify that it's OK.

      If OK, yet still no compressor motor operation......., then it may be an issue within the controller unit.

      IOW, the controller may be "transforming" 120 vac down to 24/28/32 vac just fine..........., but when it comes to "inverting" 12 vdc to 24/28/32 vac, it's not working.

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        There is a relay in the power circuit board that should flip over to 12v when there is no 110v available that may be the problem. For my norcold that is no longer in production, the cheapest I can find a replacement power circuit board is $540+shipping. At that price, I think I am better off buying a new fridge.

        Another option might be removing the relay from the power circuit board, picking up a new relay, and soldering that into the control board. Has anyone done that?


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