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    Trim Tabs-gctid370419

    My boat Bayliner 2012 215 5.0 Highfive. I want to install Trim Tabs


    Bennett recommends:

    Our ST9 Sport Tabs (ST9) would be a very good choice for your vessel! They will improve many areas of your vessel's running attitude, some examples are Increase Performance (reduced pounding, list correction, eliminate porpoising, offset prop torque), Increase Efficiency (reduce fuel consumption & engine laboring, eliminate squatting), & Increase Safety (improve visibility, reduce wake, reduce hull stress). The ST9's are 12 x 9 w/1" Up Fins on the sides, manufactured with heavy 12 gauge 304 Stainless Steel, single actuator per tab, high-gloss black powder coat finish and come standard with our Euro-Style Rocker Switch Control (ES2000). A lot of our Sport Tab clients like to "see" the position of their trim tab, so they decide to purchase our ST9 Sport Tabs w/Electronic Indicator/Control System (ST9EIC). This kit provides you with the basic ST9 kit with the addition of our Electronic Indicator/Control System too! Please contact any of your local marine dealers, catalog &/or Internet retailers to order any of our products and you can use the above part numbers to shop around for your best deals!

    If you have anymore questions, please feel free to contact me.


    M.J. Thomas

    Client Services

    Bennett Marine, Inc.


    I'd like you to hear opinions


    Carlos Brain

    you can also look into insta-trim tabs, thats whats on my 2655 , just bought boat last season but they seem to work just fine