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MerCruiser 3.0 Alpha 1 Gen II In-Line Fuel Filter-gctid370377

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    MerCruiser 3.0 Alpha 1 Gen II In-Line Fuel Filter-gctid370377

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if anyone has changed their in-line fuel filter before on a MerCruiser or similar engine before. I heard it's kind of a pain in the *** as the filter is inside the engine. I got my boat running the other day, some electrical problem, and as it was idling it seemed to drop out and almost stall a few times. No sputtering, just a drop in revolutions or something. I have been planning on installing an external fuel/water filter too, just haven't had the time and money yet, due to the new homebrewing hobby/addiction. If anyone has any information or sites with step by step, thatd be awesome!

    Chris you have two filters on that motor, one being inside the small bowl below the fuel pump and one up by the inlet to the carb. The hard one is the one in the fuel pump kind of, because it's low kind of hard to get to, and the screw cap bolt is coated in black paint. The one up on the carb is real easy to get to and replace of clean. Open end wrench and a rag below to catch fuel spill etc..

    If you wanting to add a filter to your system thats a easy job but the most important part is making sure their are no leaks and fuel spill at the bottom of bilge.

    I've added one to mine on the lower left ahnd side of motor down by the fuel pump for easy access.

    Looks like this!

    Attached files [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/673776=26359-18-7852-1_thumb.jpg[/img]


      JWeb - So I am looking at a parts guide and want to be sure I am looking at the right stuff. There is a filter in Part #15 and one in Part #3 (Carb). For part #15 looks like I just unscrew, clean up, and replace filter. Part #3 looks a little more confusing to me. Do both parts have the same filter? If so, I am assuming it is part #22, correct?

      Here is the website:

      When I install a new fuel/water seperator filter do I run the to the carb or the Fuel Pump? Also, how often do you need to replace the Flame Arrestor (Part #1), or can I take it off and clean it somehow? Mine looks a little grimey and don't want to spend $150 on a new one if I can just clean it.


        Yes your correct, part # 22 is for the fuel pump bowl. The filter screen up at curb more than likley will not need to be replace unless the screen is broken, you can just clean this part with brake cleaner or equal. It's a small micro filter catch screen. The one in the fuel pump bowl is a paper fiber like filter with seal washer etc...

        And yes you put the fuel filter water sep. between the fuel tank and fuel pump. Their should be a fuel line running in front of your engine down in the bilge area, varifiy before cutting, then it should run up to the fuel pump. Mount it up high enough so you can access the filter by hand etc.. Use stainless screws and 5200 sealant to seal up the holes and screws when mounting the new filter unit.

        Also seal the screw in bibs on new filter install and use stainless hose clamps, I used two on each side fuel hose line, also sealed off the screw in caps with teflon puddy seal.

        The Flame Arrestor can be removed and cleaner with brake parts cleaner or mild soap and water. Clean it from inside out to blow out dirt to the outside of it. Then let it dry or blow it with compressed air.

        I replace my water sep. filter every year before winterizing, treat fuel and fill up tank.


          What part number is the filter on the carb? Just want to get a general idea where the filter/screen is for when I take this thing apart.

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