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How do you time a 3.0 Merc w/carb?-gctid369635

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    How do you time a 3.0 Merc w/carb?-gctid369635

    How do you time a 3.0 Merc.? Thanks Joe

    I've worked on them. I can pass on a few generalizations.

    1) Most of my problems with the 3.0 were carburator problems. I was abile to get a rebuild kit for $27. It was a simple carb to work on .

    2) Dampness froze my distributor mechanical advance. The points needed replacing as well. Fixed. I use a dwell meter to set the points when running. Turn the distributor to set the timing. You can find more about this on the web.

    3) When running the engine at idle, the manifolds will get warm. When the engine revs, the manifolds should cool down quickly. This shows that you have good water flow through the manifolds. Temps should be around 140. If it's 180, pull a hose off the engine and run the engine. The water flow should be strong and the stream of water should have no bubbles in it . Less than strong water flow shows that you need to rebuild the water pump.

    4) Oil changes are a breeze on this motor.

    5) There's a metal bracket that you remove to change the belts. It's not very hard. Google search for more on this.

    6) grease the steering and outdrive pivots.

    7) I find that spraying down the engine with anti rust spray, then wiping the motor keeps the finish in good shape.

    My approach covers a broad number of issues. The reason is that I've focused on the distributor, and found the carb was bad. I focused on the manifolds, and found the water pump was bad. So, follow the symptoms and fix them.


      What year engine and what type of igntion system?