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MERCURY 150 bluewater water impellar change-gctid369191

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    MERCURY 150 bluewater water impellar change-gctid369191

    well, the good news is the motor started after 2 years of not being run, but nothing was coming out the water hole... ran a wire up it a few times at the advice of a friend and got it to barely trickle out.... figured its time for a new impellar esp not knowing when the last time it was changed....

    i have the mercury manual for it and briefly read over the instructions... seems like it shouldnt be too hard but it mentioned drilling holes in the water pump housing?? didnt understand what that was all about??

    are any special tools needed to pull the lower unit?? or to do the job? Its a 99 bluewater mercury 150.

    any tips are appreciated!!

    The sea water pump is located in the lower unit very similar to Merc's A drive.

    I don't know what they mean by drilling a hole in the pump.... perhaps one of the guys knows about this.

    I do not believe any special tools are required. You will want to read the OEM procedure, however.

    FYI: any sea water pump impeller sitting at rest within the pump housing (three/four blades or vanes folded in to the eccentric area of the pump body), begins the process of the material taking a "set".

    Add two years of non-use, and you have a damaged impeller.

    Rarely does one fully recover.

    Conversely, an impeller in an engine that is used regularily all year long, will typically last this same two year period without any trouble.

    IOW, in many cases, sitting at rest actually causes more impeller damage.

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