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New to me bayliner 185 carb issues-gctid368861

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    New to me bayliner 185 carb issues-gctid368861

    Hi guys-

    I just bought a 2005 bayliner 185 for our small lake. Its in good shape, but starting it with the flush hooked up in the driveway revealed that it would die after a few seconds running. I took the carb lid off and noticed that the accelerator pump is squirting fuel, so clearly the bowl is full. A couple of accelerator pump squirts would keep the boat running for maybe 5 seconds. Next I tried a can of carb cleaner and was able to artificially keep the motor running by supplementing small amounts of fuel in bursts. So unless you guys think I have missed something, I think my idle circuit has trash plugging it up.

    I took the carb off and see that the serial number is "866140" Does anybody have experience rebuilding this unit? Seems a pretty simple two barrel. I found a schematic blow up of it online, and I see I can get a "carburetor repair kit" which I can assume is a rebuild kit from mercruiser.

    So a few questions: 1. Am I on the right track for repair here. 2. Does anybody have advice/tips on rebuilding this carb? 3. Do I have to order the rebuild kit or can I go pick it up somewhere? and 4. Is there a rebuild or carb manual available for this unit?

    Thanks very much in advance!

    It may well be a "Mercarb" which is a 2bbl Rochester. Rebuild kits should be available from NAPA. I had a 2bbl Rochester on my last boat, and it was easy to disaasemble, clean and reassemble. Rebuild kits are fairly cheap.