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Problems with 2006 Bayliner 175 XT-gctid577219

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    Problems with 2006 Bayliner 175 XT-gctid577219

    Hello all, I am new to the board and was wondering if anyone could help me out. I bought a new battery a couple of months ago and hooked it up. The first couple of tries, when I turned the key it would make a single click, followed by the motor whining/trying to turn over but not succeeding. However after a couple of tries, it would finally turn over and fire up. After that you could kill it and crank it with no problems. Today I went to crank it and all it will do is the single click followed by the whine noise, then after a couple of times it will just do the single click. Any Help? Thanks

    Welcome aboard. I'll take a crack at this. I'm guessing you have two separate issues. I'm guessing either a weak battery or starter or more likely, bad connections. I'd take the battery claps/bolts off and make sure the posts are clean and then retighten. You could also pull the battery and have it load tested. It's not unheard of to have a fresh battery go bad. The most likely of these however is bad/loose connections.

    As for why it takes awhile to start initially, I'm guessing you have a 3.0 with a carb and a mechanical fuel pump. It takes a while for the pump to fill up the carb bowl initially on a boat as they often sit for days or weeks between starts.

    Hope this helps. As a tip, put your boat info in your sig so we can give you more specific info.

    Good luck.
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      Welcome on board!

      While you work on the wires also check where the negative wire is connected to the block. That's always a very good candidate for a corroded connection.

      I wish these boat manufacturers would invent something like dielectric grease and use it on all connections. WAIT, it exists but they just don't use it......


        Well bad news. I just saw about a 6 inch Crack going horizontal on my block. What are my options?


          That picture posted upside down for some reason. This is on the lower right side when facing the rear of the boat


   , sorry to hear that!


              Not for nothing but what engine is this ?

              You have water in the oil ?
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                Yike! Sorry about it. I got 2005 175 last Monday.... What cause cracks? Bad oil or neglecting?