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After running, boat will crank but not catch-gctid576926

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    After running, boat will crank but not catch-gctid576926

    We're having some trouble with our 2000 Bayliner Capri.

    It has a 3 litre Mercruiser engine.

    It's fussy to start. It will crank over and over and over but not catch. This is very hard on our starter and batteries. After about 10 mins of continuous trying it will finally catch and then it will run perfectly for hours. If it's shut off and sits for 10 minutes it won't start again, we're back to square one.

    Additional things we've noticed include

    - black smoke from the exhaust on initial start up but disappears once the engine has warmed up

    - runs a little rough on initial startup until engine warms up

    - the boat runs at 175 degrees

    - the oil pressure usually sits around 40 when were cruising along

    - the tachometer doesn't work

    Not sure if these have anything to do with the starting problem but wanted to mention them just in case.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

    Welcome on board!

    What do you mean with "doesn't catch"? Does the starter not engage or have you lost ignition?


      Choke working correctly ?
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        Thanks for you reply! By "doesn't catch" I mean it doesn't start. It turns over and spits and sputters but doesn't start until usually 10 minutes of trying.

        As far as I can tell the choke seems to be working correctly


          I would first test whether you get sparks as it's the easiest test. Pull a spark plug and see whether it does give a spark. However, as it seems to sputter I am more on Chiefs side that something is wrong with the carb. Your black smoke comment indicates that too.

          I hope you don't use the cold-start routine and "pump the throttle" before you try to start a warm engine. That would flood the engine and then it will have a hard time to start.


            Pumping the throttle is the only way that we can get it to start right now, cold or warm. We have noticed that it is getting plenty of fuel though.


              Sounds like your carb needs a serious cleaning and most likely a rebuild. If it hasn't been done since 2000 it's well overdue.

              My engine also needs a good pump for a cold start. Throttle all the way forward twice, then back to neutral and then forward to the "notch" or "hump". But after the engine is warm it starts in neutral position without any extra help and within a second or two. These engines are "cold blooded" but only until they have warmed up.


                Next time it won't start, try opening the throttle all the way. If it starts after 5-10 seconds of cranking, you have a flooded condition. Just be prepared to pull the throttle back so you do not over rev it.
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                  Sounds like the floats are set to high, or you have a leaky needle valve which is overflowing the float bowl and flooding the engine. Take the advise of the poster above me and open the throttle up than try to start it.