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  • Trim intermittent issue-gctid368689

    I was getting the boat ready for the water and I noticed a problem with my trim.

    About 50% of the time when I press the button, I hear a "click" like a solenoid actuating, then nothing, the drive doesn't move. Not very familiar with how this thing works, my shop manual is 100 miles away, any suggestions where to start looking?

    Its a 2009 185 with a 3.0.


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    I have the exact same issue. I haven't had time to troubleshoot it too much yet. Let me know if you figure it out and I will do the same.


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      I've studied the issue and found the following. Most is corrosion issues at the pump, either ground or power wires.

      1) On older boats, 40 % of the time, it's the switch at the dash. Check that the switch is getting full voltage. If the solenoids are clicking, bypass this and check that the pump is getting full power from the solenoids.

      2) 40 % of the time, the fuse and electrical connections at the pump/or solenoids are dirty. I replaced my fuse holder completely. Check the ground at the pump. The ground and power connectors are prone to corrosion failure. The ground connection at the pump bracket is particularly bad.

      3) 10 % of the time, the solenoids go bad. (They're cheap enough to replace)

      4) On occasion, the pumps go bad. But, most of the time, they're not getting full power, or, the ground to the pump is bad or the oil is low. Some people run temp power and ground to the pump to verify that it's working, then procede onto fixing the pump/boat's wiring to get the power running again.

      Keep tools in the truck to disconnect the rams from the drive. If you get stuck at the ramp with your drive down, you can disconnect it and tie it in the up position. (A pain to do, but it will get you home)


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        solenoids or bad connection, I have had both happen to me. With your boat being newer, I would lean to a loose battery connection they must be tight. If not could just be a solenoid, pretty common issue.


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          Thanks for the responses, I'll get out there this weekend and let you know what I find!


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            Turned out to be a really simple fix - embarrassed that I asked.

            Looked at the + terminal on the battery and found some corrosion, cleaned it up with emery cloth, tightened the wing nut and it seems to be working fine.

            Thanks again for the tips!