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    Cockpit Upholstery questions-gctid367806

    I am torn (no pun intended) between how to rebuild the seating in this 90 model 2655.

    The fiberglass bases are nice looking, clean and WATERPROOF!

    I like the ability to remove all the cushionn and was down the entire area. Soooo much easier.

    I was considering, in fact I already hjave the wood and the foam made, attaching the material over the foam and screwing down to the fiberglass like the factory did, but I sure like the removable cusion idea.

    Has anyone converted over? How did you attach? Velcro, snaps?

    Opinions are welcome!

    I would strongly recommend, if you wish to do a loose cushion, that you use wide velcro, easier to remove when you wish, and no fumbling through foam to try and attach snaps on. Hope this helps you some. I have a 2555 and on mine I just went back with the wood, but usually keep our cover on it most of the time so not as much of an issue then.