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    1990 2302 Trophy questions-gctid367066

    Hello to all. I am a newbie to the world of Trophies and have several questions. First of all, I bought this as a project boat, so it had no motors when I got it. It had a pair of Force 120's and previous owner removed all the gauges related to the Force motors (I hope).

    1. Being that it had twin Force that were 25" shafts, transom height down the middle is now 30". I plan on installing a 200hp 2-stroke I've had sitting in garage, but it is only a 25" shaft. Should I have the transom cut down to 25" or should I just suck it up and get a 30" shaft motor? Another idea I had was having a custom off-shore bracket made to extend motor out about 24" and at the same time, drop bracket down a couple inches figuring that I could raise motor up 1" for every foot I go back. I see people all the time installing an offshore bracket on a full height transom, so I know it might look strange to see a bracket on a boat with a splashwell. Any suggestions?

    2. We recently had rain for a few days and I left boat's bow lower than I should have. I jacked the front up to drain boat and thought I was done....Not. I went in the cuddy and found water sitting between the porta potty and entry to cuddy. There is no drain there that would drain to bilge in the rear like the boats I've had in the past. Is there another bilge pump up front I don't know about?

    3. I am missing a cuddy cushion (port side of porta-pottie). Anyone sells this stuff so I can match the other cushion designs?

    Thanks in advance....

    Hi there...congratulations on your Trophy purchase!

    Regarding your transom questions, you may be opening a can of worms trying to cut down the transom, although if you have the 5" you need it can be done. When you pull the transom trim off the top of the transom you will discover this is the seam between the deck and the hull. Sealing this joint is very important and if you go down this path I suggest you not try to cover the seam with the plastic trim but have it fiberglassed and gelcoated. Toy need to understand you are also changing the relationship of the powerhead to the waterline (the engine will get wetter) and also changing the relationship of the steering and control cable exit from the motorwell.

    In some cases you can buy lower unit extension kits. Have you tried looking into this? If you can buy one of these it's the way you will want to go.

    As for the water on the cuddy floor, I recall there is a tube laminated in the keel of the boat that allows water to run aft. There may be carpet blocking the forward end of the tube. Get on you knees and carefully explore the aft end of the floor where it meets the entry bulkhead.

    Finally, You may be able to buy replacement upholstery for your Trophy from:

    Canvas Plus

    (360) 435-0932

    [email protected]

    These folks own a small shop near the Trophy factory that was once in Arlington, WA and they have the noriginal patterns Trophy used in 1990.

    Hope this helps!!


      Go with the offshore bracket, and use the splashwell area for a live bait tank


        Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I would agree that cutting transom down cannot be a good thing and that would have been my last option. I already looked at getting a Bay extension kit for my motor to extend it 5" but not sure I want to make that purchase on an older motor. I am more leaning towards getting a bracket made but want more input on if that will affect boat balance and performance. Possibly just getting a 12" off-set jack plate as that might set motor back just enough to to clear transom when tilted up. I would mount it 4" below transom and set cavitation plate 1" above bottom of boat, plus I can adust it up or down as needed. Again, I am not sure how setting motor back will affect boat. I am sure others must have faced this problem upon junking the original twin Force motors.

        I guess long term, I am looking to be able to use a 25" shaft motor as they are more available at reasonable prices.

        One other thing I noticed while bailing the water out of cuddy is there is a smaller compartment just as you enter the cuddy on floor and in there is some kind of module that reads "compass". I thought it was a bilge pump but it's sitting up and have more than 2 wires (I'll double check, but I think there was a yellow, green, ground and another color). Is that part of an auto-steering system set up. I am still trying to figure out this boat so any help is appreciated.


          The area of the floor you are referring to might have a forward bilge pump in it and is the sump I suggested you look for under the cabin entry steps. The factory did not install any navigational equipment on the boat that would require anything in this sump and have no idea what would be installed there labeled as a Compass.


            Hi i have a 1989 2302 Trophy all i can say is DO NOT CUT THE TRANSOM DOWN! i just got done repairing my transom. here are some pic befor repair. as you can see i had to cut out the splash well. i redone the transom with seacast. will follow up with more pic. if need be

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              yes, cutting the transom down is no longer an option.

              Here is pic of that item that is labeled as "compass". It is located in compartment under the step that goes into cuddy. Anyone knows what that is? The cut wires is yellow, white, green and ground.

              Also, why is there no drain in the step down in cuddy?

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                I think module marked "compass" is part of autopilot. There is an autopilot screen on dash and what looks like a pump in the rear that must tie into the hydraulic steering system.

                Probably don't work since it's not connected, plus I would not know where to start to get it all connected again. Still hoping someone would tell me if there is a bilge pump up front somewhere. Maybe I can't find it because someone removed it? hmmm.


                  No need for a " custom " bracket.

                  A gill bracket is common on your boat.

                  Use the motor you have.

                  At this exact moment i can't recall where i have seen a few for sale used.

                  If i remember i will revisit this thread and post the info. maybe someone else knows of a used one for sale.
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                    Yes there is a bilge pump up front. as you go down into the cabin to the left side or port side under the lower bunk cushion you will have two insepction holes one right next to you where you stand and one to the rear of the boat inside, you may need a flash light to see it gets dark back their. open and look to the left and down their should be the bilge pump on the fromt side of the bulkhead. at least that where my bilge pump was located. (not to much room) i will post some pic if needed (its an auto bilge pump)


                      Shvy, thanks. I looked in both hatches and found the bugger in the rear one, tucked way in there behind the head intake pump.

                      Should there be a drain hole in the step down area in cuddy? If water gets in there again, how is it supposed to get to the bilge?

                      I was thinking about just getting me a 12" setback jackplate so I can use my 25" shaft motor. Anyone do this before?

                      Below is pic of my new (old) boat. Last registered owner was in Tacoma, WA. The guy I got it from stripped it of most of electronics, gauges and Force motors (that part I don't mind), so lots of wiring I still need to figure out. If you know this boat and would like to kokua (help) me get it back together, please let me know. I'll buy the green bottles

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                        Yes there is , the floor in the cabin its not flush with the boat bottom it has an opening so the water get to the bilge pump, as you can see or if you can see that the bilge pump is sitting about the same hight as the floor so when water gets to the level of the floor or higher is when the bilge pump kick on if its hook up right for auto.

                        The bilge pump on my boat i had to modify and move the pump to the bottom of the boat bottom so now its sitting lower then the floor no more water buildup in the cabin.

                        if you pull off the side panel next to the wheel house you will see where the discharde hose goes out the side of the starboar side of the boat. again the bilge pump meed to be wire up so that its on auto.

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                          as you step down into the cuddy look down on the port side under the cushions and you might see a small square cutout.pry that out and there should be a small pump with a float is wired automatically.hope this helps.:sur-