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    Best location for installing a seacock-gctid367029

    Now that my engine is out and the bilge area is clear of obstructions, I am considering installing a seacock for water intake -- as I plan on adding a marine genny in the future. However, I have some concerns about seacocks and trailering. I want to ensure the seacock is located in an area that would not make contact with any bunks or rollers. My new engine is tall, and the oil pan is going to be very close to the floor of the bilge, so anywhere under the engine is impractical. Any location forward of the engine would likely come into contact with bunks. The bilge floor aft of the engine is not practical due to access issues. I want to be able to service it easily.

    One alternative I've been thinking of is penetrating the transom, just below the water line. I have never before seen seacocks in such a location, but it appears viable -- as it is very serviceable and poses no access issues with respect to running the hose to the generator, etc. Even better, it cannot come into contact with bunks or rollers.

    What are your thoughts on installing the seacock at the transom?

    You do not want the seacock in the transom, it will not work unless your not moving, best place is near the keel, but not too close, and forward of the transon about 3'.

    If you need a 1" seacock, I have an apollo full port flanged bronze seacock, new, PM me if yor interested-less than 1/2 retail, you will still need the bronze through hull with strainer built in, there is one on ebay for a fair price last time I looked.

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      Just don't expect to draw water under way even if you are making your boat a trawler.

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