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    I'm.really.excited . I'm picking.up.a.aq125. From a guy in nj tomorrow. He says it runs great. He had it running today. I'm gonna.check it out . He selling me.for 400 $. Last time he had it.on.eBay and the guy never picked it.up. that's a steal. He did lots of work on it and nothing is wrong. I dont.have compression tester with me but he said he has one. I do all the work on mine now. I basically.what to.check for. But is there something maybe I.shoukd look at as well. If its running and no leaking, compression is good, not overheating, water running.through the engine, etc anything else that I should.check? I feel better when he starts it up.and hear it purr. He said I won' sorry . It's a great engine. My engine now has 1150 hours on it and runs good. I figure if it ever craps out, I have this one to swap out. Or if I need few spare parts I could use them as well.

    He also has a 275 outdrive with gear ratio of 2:15. Would that fit this engine . He said that's in great shape too. I'm tempted to buy that to . He wants 350 for it. Hopefully I could get a better deal if I buy both. How.can I check to make.sure that is working? Or am I taking.a chance with that? In my eight years owning my boat I never had one problem.with my drive yet! But I figure its always good to.have a spare drive. What's your opinion guys? Also I'm using my phone, so my spelling horrible. LOL.. thanks joe

    sounds like a good deal

    great engine and the 275 is a great drive also

    you 270 if taken care of is bulet pruff IMHO

    if you can check the 3rd and 4th exhaut ports for corrosion seams to be the only rel problem i found with the engine

    good luck


      Grab that thing up...a spare motor/parts for $400 is a great deal.


        Ok guys I just put the motor in ky truck. It sounds great! We had it running for at least twenty minutes. We checked everything. Compression was 145-150. Temparature never went above 175. Not under too much pressure. No leaks what's so ever. Manifold looks great.I checked every inch of that engine. Sounded great. My engine doesn't get that much compression on it. I'm going to swap out the engines next year and ismantle my engine and sell the parts. Make a few bucks off the deal. So next year I will have parts for a.gone if they want. Stay posted on the swap next year..


          sounds like a great deal. I had considered parting my 16' out.....I was thinking double what you paid for. :greedy_dollars:


            here are a few pictures of the motor.

            I have a few questions regarding the motor. I know its a aq125, not sure if it is a A or B? Im pretty sure the only difference is the block and few other things. Can anyone tell just by looking at the pictures? its looks identical to mine which is the aq125a. It didnt come with the bell housing either, im assuming my old one would fit on this? would i have to change the seals on the housing.

            The big question is, if it happens to be the aq125B wold i be able to use it? i know that it will fit on the 270 drive. any other info would be great.



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              He has the bell housing that I will pick up. And I found out it is def a aq125a. From the sticker. It had paint over it.