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Just bought- 1989 cuddy cabin capri, some questions....-gctid365663

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    Just bought- 1989 cuddy cabin capri, some questions....-gctid365663

    New to the sight, and bayliner ownership. Fairly familiar with water craft (rebuilt a couple hamilton jets, maintenance on boats and airboats at work) own a couple jet skis, and am a journeyman diesel mechanic. Having that mechanical background has me asking a few general questions about my "new" bayliner. Noticed the coolant is low after putting the plugs back in from being winterized and knowing how important coolant type can be to the application, what kind of coolant do i use?

    I randomly found some GREAT info on omc cobra I/O shift cable adjustments, and how historically these drives got a bad name from the simple problem of maladjusted and failed shift cables. Here is a link to that info,

    I found if immensely helpful in diagnosing my own stiff shift/throttle control which turned out to just needed some lube on the pivot housing/bell crank end. I also found that the ESA is not getting activated when shifted into forward gear, the button is not getting depressed. I see i have the original shift interrupter spring and not the "fix" one installed. Anyone else have hard shift problems with their 89 and any lessons learned? This is all stuff i have found just getting it ready for the summer (its a short one in Alaska and you have to be ready for it!)

    Any other tips and advice with this model of bayliner would be much appreciated. What lubes and greases to use would be good info too. The prior owner didnt know much about it and didnt use it much at all, and is still looking for the manual. I have already yarded out the old am/fm and wired up a nice deck, installed some 6x9s and am cutting some holes for additional 4.5's tomorrow. Im going to put a wake tower and a nice tower sound system on it. Any advice on battery power with a sound system installed and load on the oem alternator would be great too!

    wow, long winded, thanks for any advice!

    Welcome to BOC!!

    Great research on your drive . 90% of issues come from lack of proper maintenance / and PM's
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