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    Trophy 2002 Steering-gctid365410

    I have a 2001 WalkAround 2002 with a Mercury 150hp, the boat came with the Rack & Pinion Mechanical Steering System(2 Cable). Every spring I have to perform hours of maintenance on the cables, removing and lubricating them so steering is at least bearable.

    I want to upgrade to a hydraulic system and want to know if anyone has completed this upgrade, and how are the results.

    I emailed Teleflex Marine about their Baystar systems, but they recommended the SeaStar HK6400A system.

    If anyone has any information, please let me know.




    This is sort of an answer, I have a 1802 with a 115 and was going to replace the cable until I realized that the end that goes through the tilt tube wouldn't make the corner at the stern so I ordered a baystar. After I ordered it I started surfing and on the hull truth forum there's several guys that installed installed the baystar on 150 hp applications, (it's rated max 150 hp) and wished they'd gone with the seastar. In fact one of them says he called teleflex and they pretty much told him he should have got the seastar system.. By the way, if you use a kicker they have a deal for the seastar that ties the kicker to the cylinder with a cable, it looks pretty slick, but more money than I can afford.


      Thanks, I think I will go with the seastar.


        Hello John,

        How did your re-fit go?

        I have a 2000 2002 trophy ff. I have the 125 merc salt water.

        I was also told by teleflex to get the sea star.

        How did your install go?

        Was it a significant improvement over the cable?

        Thanks for your time.

        Jeff Hanratty


          Jeff, I can't speak for John, but will say that any good hydraulic steering system will outperform a cable system.

          That SeaStar unit is also a balanced system (I believe that all O/B systems are), which means that the helm wheel revolutions are equal Port/Stbd stop to stop.

          I don't see how you could go wrong!

          Rick E. (aka RicardoMarine) Gresham, Oregon
          2850 Bounty Sedan Flybridge model
          Twin 280 HP 5.7's w/ Closed Cooling
          Volvo Penta DuoProp Drives
          Kohler 4 CZ Gen Set

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            Long shot that you are still following this post. I am considering the same upgrade. I have 2003 trophy 2002 with 150 mercury. How did the unit fit at the helm? Did you have to go to the rear mount pump?