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    Cables to Electronic control-gctid342778

    I got the pleasure of driving a boat with electronic / or electrical (now sure which) controls for the throttles and transmissions. Is there such a thing as a conversion kit? Engines are carb units. The current cables are a mix of stiff and nice n easy, depending on if you are on bridge or inside.

    Yes there are conversion kits. The prices are breathtaking. I looked and passed.
    Jim McNeely
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    Twin 5.7s with Bravo2 drives
    Brighton, Michigan USA
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      I looked at them too and passed. Cleaned up my routing and it fixed most issues for me. Good quality controls help (the pre2000 Bayliner are poor quality in my opinion). Here's a story to consider: A good friend of mine has the Micro Commander system in his dual helm Zeta 44. A few years back, the lower helm controls malfunctioned! Guess what happened? Boat lunged forward at full throttle when he started the engines and wouldn't come out of gear. Minor damage to dock and boat but that was pure luck (twin Volvo D6). I ordered a new set for him and he's been good since, but man, can you imagine?



        I helped retrofit a mid 70's Canoe Cove Tri-cabin with electronic controls (two stations). It took a bit of time, but it was not hard. We did get new cables made up to run from the actuators (mounted in the engine room) to the transmissions and throttles.

        It was a nice upgrade...
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          Yes, there is what would be called a conversion for you... and yes, very expensive!

          Matters, Teleflex/Morse, Levorsi Marine, both Merc and Volvo Penta use one (probably out-sourced), and I think that Yamaha even has one now days.

          I've been around the Mathers system, but never installed one. I am somewhat familiar with how they function.

          Fom what I read of the new technology units, these interface directly with today's engine throttle controls and transmissions.

          You end up with silky smooth throttle and shift action, and effortlessly with the same feel and touch each time.

          However, and Nikko eludes to this....., with your older technology throttle and transmission engagement systems, the need for a cable remains since the throttle/shift units control a servo motor that in turn operates a similar OEM short linkage affair or short cable.

          With an I/O, the lower unit shift cable remains and may offer the same previous lower cable issues.

          With an I/B, this may not be an issue.

          IOW, these do not necessarily eliminate cables on the older systems....... at least not completely.

          The Teleflex KE-4+ and the Mathers, for example, are designed to work with cable systems.

          Basically you end up with no cables from the helm to engine bay, but do have short cables from the servo units to the engine/transmission.

          I have also seen what appears to be a direct servo connection system (no cables).... so this may be an option for the I/B guys!

          The cost is definitely something to consider. Most of these web sites ask to call for a quote.

          A man I know installed the Mathers system about 8 years ago and I believe that his cost for a single station - twin engine was around $4,200.

          (w/ dual helms you would need to add a cost for the second station units)

          It did improve his throttle response, but his shift issues were pretty much the same, although not felt at the helm control.

          Still very easy at the helm, but if you have lower shift cable issues, it may not eliminate this!

          Last year I changed out the cables at both stations/both engines. My Thottle/Shift units are the Morse Twin S.

          The new cables made a tremendous improvement.

          Your 1980 boat may have Morse controls and 33C cables.

          If these are the Twin S style controls, you've got a good system to begin with. The Twin S is pretty darn hard to beat for a manual cable system.

          If the electronic controls are cost prohibitive, perhaps new cables and a fresh adjustment might make her feel new again.

          It would definitely make your wallet feel good!

          What controls do you now have?

          Which transmissions or drives do you now have?

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          Please, no PMs. Ask your questions on forum.


            I did a Captains job on a 44' trawler. It had the usual inside and flybridge steering stations, and a bow thruster. Had the Mathers Micro commander with the above all linked in. Moreover, there was a portable box which had total command of shifts, and thrusters. The trawler had big props, so maneuvering at idle worked. I stood in the cockpit and backed the boat into a marina slip without touching the pilings.

            I thought to myself----Whoo Weee, I wonder what the poor folks are doing now.

            I liked the Mathers. Each station has a button on it. When you press the button, that station is in command. The controls themselves are very smooth. Had a feature in it to save transmissions. If you are running full throttle, and slam the control levers into full reverse, The electronics returnns the engine to idle, shifts to reverse, then applies full throttle, automatically.

            However, as said above, it ain't cheap.....
            Captharv 2001 2452
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