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    Gel-coat colour and repair-gctid365072

    I have a new can of gel coat with hardner i found on my

    boat.I want to repair the dings,scrapes and gouges.;

    how do i match the colour of my boat ? its a 1977 3050 encounter so the origional gel coat is faded.

    do i just add one of he colours from a gel colour kit and eye it out ? my boat colour now is like a faded white/light almond

    when repairing spider cracks do you grind them out and then fill ?

    any advise would be greatly appreciated...thanx guys

    I believe that color is "Alaskan Ivory" one of the hardest to match. (takes some brown, yellow and red)

    Mix up a very small amount keeping track of what colors you use to make it, that way you can reproduce on a slightly larger scale (this is difficult when using micro drops of coloring agents).

    Add hardener and let it set, then check color again, it will change slightly after cured.

    The best way is to remove a quarter size chip and send to Spectra Glass and have them match it.

    I owned my own boat business in the 80's and I hated that color for matching - I always sent that one out for matching.

    First time I tried to match that color was on the side of a sail boat - looked perfect when wet. When it cured it went too red and I had to grind the whole side out and start over -

    Guess what color my current boat is..................yes, Alaskan Ivory!

    Oh, the spider cracks should be ground out (just the gel) to really do it right - if the cracks are open enough you can press gel in by gloved finger.

    Good luck


      They have two Alaskan Ivories



        Thank you for the replies...." alaskan ivory "