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    Drive tilt-gctid362918

    Ok so in chasing down a previous problem, i have created another one lol go figure. AQ125 w/270 people this is for you. When cleaning all connectors in a previous problem i forgot to hook one back up....i know i know dumbass. It is for the outdrive. i think it is supposed to go to the starter on the com wire from the mbss. If i hook it there I can raise the drive, but cannot lower it. see attached pic. It is the blue wire that i cannot remember where it goes. the black goes to ground. These wires go up to the relay box for the drive tilt motor. And yes it worked before i started mucking around in there so i know the switch is good just cant for the life of me remember where it went.


    Looks like you have a four wire tilt motor, here is the service manual for a 280 the wiring is the same. Go to page 163 for the wiring diagrams.

    Save it to your drive you never know how long these manuals will hang around..


      First of all, I think we need to give you a good A$$ Chewing for your connections at the battery. :thumb

      You have the typical Rat's Nest that has been an occasional topic here.

      Do yourself a favor and remove all but the battery cables from your batteries.

      I'd take all Negatives to a new common negative buss bar.

      Move any Positives from the battery and make a better connection elsewhere.

      This will avoid any direct battery connection small terminal corrosion, and will make battery R&R much easier and simple.

      As for the lift out device, the OEM harness did use some odd colors for the Negative.

      The Positive will typically have a rather large OEM tube type in-line fuse.

      The Negative will typically have the large ring terminal that you see at the end of the blue wire.

      This connects to your System Negative Common.... I.E., engine block.

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