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steering trouble, seems to be a problem with the motor swivel-gctid362538

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  • steering trouble, seems to be a problem with the motor swivel-gctid362538

    Nooby owner of 1990 Bayliner 18 ft Capri with a 90 hp Force. Runs pretty well, not very fast but solid. It steers like a Mack Truck...awful. Checked the steering cable, all fine and finally removed the steering link arm and the cables worked fine. Couldn't budge the motor without a lot of help. Found the grease fitting and put in grease and no help. Some old sludgey, brown grease came out of the top of the shaft..One guy suggested heating up the outside of the swivel shaft(?) with a torch and moving the motor back and forth and then trying to put in more grease. Does this make any sense? Any other suggestions?

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    Do not heat your shaft with a torch this will probably do nothing but damage it. Ample applications of grease should be sufficient. On some outboards there is a locking lever to immobilize your motor from swaying left or right when travelling. I would check to see if your motor has a lock. Some are tension types ; the more you move it to one side the harder it is for the motor to move. Just a thought - good luck.


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      Does your motor look like this?

      [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/665607=25578-IMG_0727.jpg[/img]Try pumping grease through and move motor by hand. DO NOT HEAT, PB blaster squirts can help if there is a rust build up. There are three grease gun nipples in the area near the motor swivel rod. If you can't find them try cleaning up old grease buildup that hardens over them. Just keep pumping grease and push out as much of old cruddy grease out as you can. Also use marine grease that is not water soluble, generic grease compounds degrade fast and harden over time.