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Star Wars Gauges: Can I Install Them On My (39)90 Cobra?-gctid362313

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    Star Wars Gauges: Can I Install Them On My (39)90 Cobra?-gctid362313

    Hi everyone,I am nineteen years old and I just bought a 1990 Bayliner Cobra in superb condition. It is black/red/silver with a 150 force outboard. I honestly think I have the coolest looking boat ever made. The gauge bezels in the dash are square, but the gauges themselves are the conventional circles. I want the "star wars" gauges... I don't care if people think they are lame, I think they are really cool. I included two pics of two different styles of the "star wars" gauges. I would prefer having the green curvy ones as there is no blue on my boat at all (yes, I am anal about aesthetics). However, I am wondering if they even made any of the green "star wars" gauges for outboards. Every time I find a set on ebay or wherever, they are off of cuddys. I was told by a boat mechanic that these gauges will fit right into my dash but the tach needs to be off of an outboard in order to work. Does anyone know if the green curvy "star wars" gauges exist for outboards? Does anybody have a clean, working set for sale or trade (green curvy or blue grid)? Remember, the tach has to be able to connect to an outboard and oh yeah, the speedometer needs to be able to read at least 75, up to 80 mph since my boat is VERY fast. Thank you everyone for your time and willingness to help the next generation enjoy this spectacular pastime! Best regards to all of you,~ÔÇó~ Tyler J. Bouffard



    tyler..welcome to the zoo....

    as for hooking up the old question is why would you want them???....but it's your boat......

    I'll have to defer to someone that actually owns them as I've only seen them occasionally......but they should work ok if your hooking them up to the engine and all cuz they are the same...just designed differently..

    :arr ar


      The tachometer and speedometer I believe are larger than 3"!

      The other issue may be getting an I/O tach to work with the outboard engine.

      So don't toss your old instrument panel out.
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