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  • temp gauge only going to 100 degrees-gctid362057

    i posted last week, but no reply's. really need some help. i have a 2655 ciera with mercruiser 5.0 lx. new faria temp gauge worked fine for a year. had some engine work done and gauge wasn't registering anything. had engine checked and no thermostat. put in new thermostat and gauge went up slightly. replaces both sensors on engine and gauge now goes up to about 100 degrees. should be at 180 right?? ideas?

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    Couple possibilities: Is the correct thermostat installed? Is thermostat installed correctly?
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      +1 regards thermostat comments.

      If that does not fix it, buy or borrow a IR thermometer to verify temps.

      Good Luck
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        +1 on the infrared thermometer. Cheap and good to have around for trobleshooting temp problems.

        I bought one for my 2750 and was able to record a complete heat profile for my engine from exhaust system to oil pan and everything in between.