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Anybody Installed a Windlass on an older 2455?-gctid361305

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    Anybody Installed a Windlass on an older 2455?-gctid361305

    I'm getting ready to attempt this and was wondering if anybody here had done this installation. There is a video on you tube showing a different windlass mounted on a 2455, but it only shows it in operation and nothing else. windlass is a Lawrence horizon 400 windlass that appears to mount on the deck (I don't have it, it's on way)

    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/664282=25441-18750.jpg[/img]and the wiring comes up from below (a project all in itself) and the rode/chain drops straight down into into the locker. I have downloaded the owners and installation manuals and will purchasing the appropriate size wire this week.Also the rode locker looks quite small. Does anybody know if it will hole 200' of 1/2" rode and 10' of 1/4 chain? And yes I need 200' of rode because I will be anchoring in about 30-40' of water with a ripping current.Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated!

    Hi that vid is mine

    Am happy to answer any question or take some pics for you if you want

    Dont think your get 200 feet of rode into the locker mine wouldnt cope with 140 feet of rode so had to change to 120 feet of 6 mm chain