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96 2655 naigation lights switch both on in either position?-gctid361135

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    96 2655 naigation lights switch both on in either position?-gctid361135

    Both my bow nav lights and stern light go on when the switch is in the up or down position. They are both off in the middle position. I can't seem to just get one or the other on at a time. Can someone tell me how this switch is supposed to work? Shouldn't I be able to turn just the stern white light on for overnight camping in one position and the both of them for under way at night.

    It looks like there are five terminals on the back of the switch. Two for the top position, one center blue wire hot terminal, and two bottom terminal connectors. Is it possible that the switch is bad?

    Any help would be appricated. Thanks,


    You mention bow lights and an aft stern light.

    Do you actually have a forward facing white light or is what you are calling a stern light visible from all directions.


    In one direction should be all the lights, red , green and white/s.

    Center Off

    In the other direction it should be your anchor light aka all around light aka front and rear facing white lights.

    The switch you describe is not what I would expect. I would expect a DPDT which has six terminals. Only 5 terminals would be used but the unused one would be one of the ends.

    Here is a quick sketch.

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