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    1989 2556 Several Qeustions-gctid360359

    I have several questions maybe someone can help me

    Insurance...I want to Insure the boat for 15K, I have skisafe and they will only pay $7000 if its totaled, I want an agreed policy for 15K for minimum premium..any ideas?

    Has anyone changed a gimbal bearing before..How long should it take, and how much for the marina to do it, Im looking for a ball park figure..outdrive is off, Ill put outdrive back on once bearing is changed and aligned, trying not to get ripped off

    The bottom of the boat looks like the surface of the moon, 22 years of ablative paint...I was thinking maybe not painting it this year, what are the pros and cons of this..Im in brackish water, and use the boat frequently, once a month I scrub it by hand

    I want to install a horn for an overtemp indication, lets say when it gets to 200 degrees a horn goes off...what are my options, and what do I need to do this

    I want to replace my onboard charger...dual batterys....Guest? How many amps?

    Thanks for all the help....The countdown is on 4 weeks till splashdown


    Regarding the insurance: You can try BoatUS or Some of the brokers represent multiple companies and can tailor insurance to you needs. A popular company on the West Coast is Twin Rivers, Let the companies know that you want a fixed value.

    Regarding the Gimble bearing: I would consider the bearing, bellows and shift cable replacement as a complete outdrive service. Ask around at the marina for the reputable companies. It will cost less if the boat is up on the trailer.

    Regarding bottom paint: Bottom paint is poisonous. You will need to wear protective clothing and a mask to do the work yourself. Many yards require that they do the work for environmental concerns. Many yards will "Soda Blast" the paint off. Then, you would fill the scratches and holes with filler, then repaint. This can be expensive. Compare the different yards for the total cost of the job.

    Regarding overheat alarms, Some engines have an alarm, some dont. There are aftermarket alarms available. He one of many:

    Regarding chargers: The newer smart chargers are designed to reduce charging amperage when the battery is full. This prevents the battery from boiling. We have a 40 amp charger, that charges two batteries at 20 amps each. This seemed sufficient when we were in the marinas. Xantrex used to be the favorite. In more recent posts, ProMariners have become popular:

    Have fun