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  • Aq171A/2260 saga continued-gctid360139

    I need some sage advise from the more experienced. Quick background: recently bought an '84 2260 w/ a defunct Aq171 motor (290A drive). Pulled the engine-broken valve... it has the lighter rods and crank, center thrust, so the big question - IF they checked out, are the lighter components strong enough to be worth new custom pistons and rebuilding w/ an 8v head or should I just make it a mooring anchor and start over? Any Volvo resources (machining, used parts) around the Portland area you'd recommend? Thanks all.

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    You will find parts to be very pricey for this engine, and if it's in poor shape you may be ahead to ebay the pieces(or try, and swap in a complete single cam and come out ahead. The issue is, in the car world, they did not put the DOHC head on the early block. All the guys wanting to convert to DOHC need all the marine parts from an already rare motor.

    The manifolds, distrubutor setup, carbs, head casting, cams, basically every part on that engine is a bit rare and worth good money. Do your reseach and don't get "taken" on your AQ171 parts.

    You could also fix it, just depends what your budget is, as parts are likely aftermarket and will be expensive.

    RSI in Portland deals in all kinds of volvo parts, google RSI volvo and you'll find them.

    For economy and reliability a AQ131b or Aq125b(both 2.3L) would be a good choice, the B-models will get you forged crank and big rods, not absolutely necessary but a bonus. If you want more umph the 290 would be a good candidate for a V-6 swap, but will be expensive with having to source the flywheel housing, flywheel, complete motor, manifolds, and V-6 or V-8 lower unit(diff ratio).

    You could likely find one of the used AQ motors, freshen it up, and install it yourself for around $1500 or less.

    Lots of info in the thread at the bottom of my signiture.