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    Drives are back on-gctid359541

    Well I put my drives back on today, wasnt a bad job took a few hours but not bad for our 1st time. The only thing that really was a pita was the speedo tube, otherwise it was ez.

    I watched these videos on youtube for reference before doing the job, I found them to be most helpful so I am posting them here.

    You tube is so helpful for this kinda stuff. I really think with a laptop and a good wi fi connection, a guy could build the space shuttle. Of course you'd need duct tape.
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      [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/662546=25223-3-2009, 4-2009 033.jpg[/img]

      [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/662546=25224-cobra 2.jpg[/img]

      [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/662546=25225-cobra.jpg[/img] Nice vids, they are local to me, I have seen all of his vids. To what he showed you I'd add, put a good marine water proof grease on the trim ramp crosspiece and on the threads for the nuts for both cross pieces. That will make it easier to remove in the fall esp if you are in salt water. For the 6 nuts that hold the drive on, I put OMC gasket sealer on the threads of the studs, that keeps water out and reduces corrosion.Also it's a good idea to check engine alignment whenever you have the drive off.To get the drive on without hurting your back, keeping it at the right height and angle can be a challenge. If you build an adjustable outdrive stand with casters on it, the job will be much easier and you can do it yourself if need be. Trying to keep the driveshaft straight so the splines go right into the coupler is the challenge. One thing that helps is to put a level on the mounting face of the pivot housing (or bell housing as Merc calls it). Then adjust with the trailer jack till it's about 90 degrees to horizontal. Then try to keep your drive mounting surface in the same plane so to speak.....Here are some pix of the stand I made for my old Cobra, some wood and adjustable bed casters....
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        Don't forget to grease the u-joints too.