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  • Broken fittings on bow railing-gctid359118

    I just noticed that my 2452 has 3 broken Y-fittings (60 degree) on the bow railing (these fittings connect the horizontal railing with the vertical ralings that connect with the deck). My question is since the railing is so long and curved, how are you supposed to slide that fitting on? It looks to me like the curvature of the rail will make that impossible! Will this be easier than it appears?

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    If the railing on your 2452 is like the original railing on my 2052 Trophy, the rail is manufactured using three pieces of tubing. The tubing is in three separate pieces and is joined inside one of the rail fittings like the broke one you described. I'd look for the bracket that has two screws on the rail in addition to the one for the stantion.


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      I had about 6 broken fittings and had a welder capable of doing stainless repairs come out to the boat. Removing the rail system was just not an option, too many bolts being buried in the headliner or inaccessable places. Luckily, for the two lower ones needing repair I was able unbolt them to protect the fiberglass from the heat. Cost $400.

      BTW some of the breaks had allowed water into the uprights which prevented welding and more over needed to be drained. Had the water been left in the upright it would have froze during the winter and split the upright . A small 1/8" or less drain was drilled in the bottom of the uprights needing repair. One must have been full as it pee'd out for quite a while.
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        I had to take off the front fitting at the bow that mates both horizontal rails at the end for my boat, then slide mine off and the new ones on from there using a little wd-40 to help lubricate it. Yours will probably be different and come apart in other areas as well. Just figured I'd throw what I did in there.