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    Water tap-gctid342056

    I have a leak in the wather tap on the shower, ( shower crane ), on my 3288 from 1990. I have tried to get it here in Norway, but no way......

    Is there any place in US to get this ??

    1988 3870 Bayliner


      Can not find the original shower tap there. ..

      Its not a problem to get a wather tap or shower for boat here, but I want the original so I dont need to make new holes in the wal in the head ( bath room )


        Got a picture?

        It is "water" tap...


          Yes, I have a picture off it, but dont know how too get it in here..

          They are similar on all this 3288 in this years around the 90 th

          Its those water tap you are using when you are mixing the wather for the shower

          If you have a mail adress I can send you picture off it..


            This is the image of the water tap.

            This is the image of the hatch that is also being sought.


              I don't know what kind of RV's are sold in your country but here is one from our suppliers.

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                I have the same boat, same year. As dmcb showed in his link the mixer for the shower sure looks like a Phoenix design and Bayliner used a lot of Phoenix plumbing during that period. If you're able to find a part number from your mixer it might be easier to find an exact replacement.

                Here's one on ebay:


                For the window, it's made by Bomar but that design is definitely obsoleted - I know because I called them about this last year. What's wrong with yours?


                  Thanks folks.. Those are the same shower tap. I will order them ..

                  There is nothing wrong about the hatch Kåre, its just that I only have one..

                  Realy nice this BOC allways help too get

                  Thanks too al !!


                    Dont know if this helps but that faucet sure looks like the one on my 3218 {1988). If I am not mistaken, it would be the same brand (type) as found in the master berth sink. I replaced the valve in the fixture because I could not get it to stop dripping. I purchased the valve at Menards here in Wi, but I bet any big box store like it such as Home Depot or Lowes would have it also. Real easy 10 min project, and believe me I am no plumber! Good luck Jeff