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    Engine Key Start Cylinders-gctid358524

    One of the key start cylinders on the upper helm has broken. While I can start at the lower helm, I would like to get it fixed. The parts manual list them as a Bayliner Part Number 50606 - ignition switch. Google does not assist me to locate it eslewhere, and I am hoping someone can assist


    I don't know if this is your switch, but the bayliner part number cross reference document indicates the old P/N was 59364, now 1713484. I would guess a dealer could sort it out.


      #3 should have something
      1989 26' then 1994 32' now 2001 39'


        SD, here is the list from my parts manual

        12 52493 SWITCH SPDT, ON-ON EA 1

        13 2883 5/8" DOMED HOLE PLUG EA 2

        14 50491 MOMENTARY PUSH SWITCH EA 2

        15 50606 IGNITION SWITCH FOR I/O EA 2

        16 58006 PANEL BLANK, IGN, (EH) EA 1

        Bob, thanks for that link. They have a sales rep here in my city, so I will compare the existing switches, with the one they list in their marine list, and it may do the job for me.




          I rang up the dealer here, that part number doesn't cross to anything. He said the switches are generic, 2 or 3 wire, and they would replace it with a Sierra brand.

          Is the Manly marina in Brisbane? I am familiar with Manly near Sydney, used to live in Paramatta. My boss has a boat at the marina under the Gladesville bridge.


            SD, I had a look in a part number conversation list that I have, done by Bayliner in 2002, and yes your part numbers are correct. Strange that the original parts list that I have does not show on the conversion list. Thanks for the Sierra tip. Knowing that they are some thing generic has helped with my google searching. I have not heard from the local distributor of the Cole Hersee switch.

            Yes, we have a Manly in Brisbane. It is quite a large harbour, with approx 1400 wet berths, and I dont know how many boats are stored in racks on the hard stand. Michigan is a long way from Parramatta. Which side of the Pacific is home for you.


              Peter, I'm pleased the P/N's helped, hopefully you will find a switch. Michigan is home. I worked in Australia for 3 years, returned to the US, retired, and again work for an Aussie company. Been to Brisbane years ago, in fact I went to a Riviera event with my boss at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. Sure miss OZ. Cheers, mate.