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  • 3870 cm655na heat exchanger-gctid358474

    CM655NA Chrysler Marine Diesels

    I am looking for a heat exchanger for my 130HP CM655NA Chrysler Diesel.

    The boat it/they are in is a 1986 3870.

    If any one has a line on a new or reconditioned one...if there is any such thing as a reconditioned one...Could you add to the thread or drop me a line.


    Gary...AKA Grampy11


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    Gary, I purchased my replacement heat exchanger from I used part number LE4142016 4" tank. It was an exact match. I paid $750 including shipping. It arrived within a couple of days. Jim

    Island Time


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      Just checked that link. List price now $899.00.


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        You can get the heat exchanger and transmission oil coolers from Lenco Products. They make them. I had him make oil coolers for me and he even moved the zincs to a location I felt was easier to get to for me. Lenco's phone number is +1 631 842 4049. The fax is +1 631 842 3908. The Lenco part number is LE4142016. The guy at Lenco is very nice. They are based in New York, so closer to you than Washington.

        You can also get them from Doug at AAA Marine online. He can usually get them at very good prices from a manufacturer in the pacific northwest.

        The last one I bought was through Clearwater Marine in Everett, WA. The had the best price that day. The mfg was SeaKamp Marine. The part number was C4142016. I believe the original Mitsubishi part number was 4142016. The exchanger is 28" long. I think the Lenco version may have been less expensive. I found out about them after I bought this one.

        The last time I bought the heat exchangers was around 5 years ago. At that time they were running between $600 - $700. The oil coolers that Lenco made were around $180.


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          Very Very Cool.

          Thank You guys for your input, part numbers, phone numbers...etc.



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            I have one off a 85 CM655 200 turbo, it might work. Jim 908-304-3886


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              Hi Jim,

              I tried to drop you a line tonight at the email address you gave me.

              It came back undeliverable.

              I was just wondering if you had any luck with the pictures?

              Here is my email address.

              [email protected]




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                Jim sent me a set of the pics and they will not work for me.. I will forward the pics to you..


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                  Thanks Bryan,

                  Jim also sent me some pictures yesterday evening....a manifold, heat exchanger, timing cover, and others, all yellow. If you have other photos please send them along. Unfortunately the heat exchanger was for a cm655 turbo application. Mine is 26" long, Jim's is 33" long, with different hose adaptors.

                  Again if you or anyone else has a line on a heat exchanger drop a line and add to the thread.

                  I would like to again say THANK YOU to all that responded with offers and advise. BOC is a great site...the reason for it being a great site.... is because of its members.


                  aka Gary