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    Am I the only one locked out? Right column says Private ?

    Thanks for any help.
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    LTCret wrote:
    Am I the only one locked out? Right column says Private ?
    That is the first sign...

    When I log out the Technical forum, plus a handful of others are all listed as Private.


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      I won't say too much because I might interject an opinion that gets me booted... but it sounds like all is working according to admin's plan.

      If you want to see site content anymore you basically always have to be logged in.
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          There are a few forums in which you must be signed in to view (tech, completed projects, etc). This was implimented to encourage those who drift the site, to sign up and join our community.

          Thus far we have had excellent results!


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            Being a retired engineer, I always try to add to technical threads, but in this case I have absolutely zero clue. My computer stays logged onto the sight and whenever I go to it I have had no issues. Are there other BOC sites besides BOC MotorYachts--
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              If you are logged in to BOC, you will not see any "private" forums. If you log out, you will see "Private" on several forums to keep the "guests" and other trolls out that don't wish to participate but do want o grab everyone's ideas without contributing. Since its implementation, we have had a dramatic increase in new registrations, upwards of over 20/day and averaging currently around 12-15 per day. Before locking down those forums, we saw about 5 registrations per day.

              So bottom line, if you want to see the "private" forums, you need to stay logged on.

              If you are logged on and still don't see these forums then you are probably having issues with your "" cookie and you need to remove it and log in once you shut down your browser and reopen it. That would clear the cache and once logged on, just select the box that asks if you want to remain logged in. By checking that box you will never have to log on again...
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