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Bayliner 3288 - Cruising speed

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    Could you post more details on the boat. Price, motors, know issues or upgrades etc. Diesels tend to be higher in price vs gas. Are the fuel tanks original? They are prone to leaking. Same with the fresh water tank. The fly bridge floor is also an area to check for soft spots. The radar arch stringers are prone to rot and many of us had to rebuild them. Make sure you have a proper survey done.

    I'm sure others will chime in on things to look for as well.

    Keep us posted.
    "Martini's Law"
    1986 Bayliner 3270, 110 Hino's
    Nova Scotia, Canada


      Are they still making the 3288? If not what is the last year and in all your opinions: what is the best year?


        Originally posted by Uncle_Bob View Post
        My 94 with 150's and years of adding weight cruised at 14kns at 2700 in calm conditions. 12k at 2500 is spot on. Top speed at 3000 was 18knots.
        +1 for me
        1989 Bayliner 3270
        135hp (stock) -> 150hp (Injector pump mod) -> 170 hp (aftercoolers) Hino's
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          1992 3288 without genset or fiberglass aft cover. We try to keep it light. 2500 rpm's right at 13 knots. 2700 14.5 to 15 knots, wide open 18 plus but I doubt I've ever run it over 3000 for more than 30 seconds. My boat likes a lot of tabs but not quite full tabs. If I push them all the way down we start to slow down. So for us at least there is a sweet spot with the tabs.


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            I meant to add we run new Nakishima Nibral 4 blades 17x17 but like I said we try to keep the boat as light as possible. My spares are 17x16.5. There isn't much difference.

          What props are you using?
          i ghot i a 92- whid Hinos.

          i do 13 kots at 2800rpm
          i rum on four blad 17x15