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    dingy davit hard to move-gctid354653

    I have a 2000 47 pilothouse the davit on top is hard to move , does anyone have pictures or directions on how it comes apart to replace bearings my email address is [email protected]
    2001 4788
    Knott again

    Hello Kent,

    Almost all the time this is due to the nylcron bearings swelling and causing the interference and friction.

    These 'beraings' will swell when introduced to any petroleum based oils, greases, waxes, etc.

    Often the owner will spray something like WD-40 down in there at the first signs of binding which will actually make it much worse.

    Often the bearing surfaces can be resurfaced for additional clearance after disassembly by a machine shop or by hand with varied grades of wet/dry sandpaper and patience. The finished and easily moving assembly can be greased with non-petroleum based lubes such as 'superlube' which will not swell the bearing adn keep it moving easily. Additionally when the assembly is apart you can drill and tap a couple of holes in the base for grease fittings so you can easily grease with superlube again at later interval.

    The detailed procedure with pictures should be in your e-mail folder by now for your use.

    Hope this helps
    Northport NY


      This is interesting. We found that our davit is smooth as butter with no load, but very tight with the skiff hanging.

      Howard at NHD has the davit apart and is not impressed with the nylon sleeve.

      He has an idea to replace this with actual bearings.

      This sounds like a great idea to me. I'll keep everyone informed as to how it comes out.


      Whats the weather like on the boat

      Where am I right now?


        "He has an idea to replace this with actual bearings."

        FWIW - Bayliner (Nautical structures) came out with an optional roller bearing for this davit sometime around 2005.

        Bayliner also has (had?) a refit kit to do the same thing with the 'older' style - perhaps calling Bayliner customer service could make quick work of seeking this out.

        There are 2 considerations to this choice.

        - The origional bearing can be made to be very effective and long life as described

        - It have been reported that roller bearing are not without issues and need normal maintenance even more then the originals.

        If changing to rollers special attention should likely be made to the top seals (accordion bellows and nut) at the wire entry points as well as the base 'seal.'

        Hope this helps
        Northport NY