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    Westerbeke Coolant Leak-gctid341561

    I just noticed about an ounce of coolant in the pan that sits under my 8k genny. Can't seem to see where it's coming from. Anybody have a suggestion where I should be looking?

    If you also have "BB's" in the pan, the coolant pump may be the source. At least

    thats what I had. I was surprised the bearings were that small.


      The hose to the expansion tank gets brittle from heat and can leak near the rad cap. Solution is to cut it back an inch or so.
      1989 26' then 1994 32' now 2001 39'


        did a fair amount of work on mine over the last few months and here's my experience. The water pump...not the raw water unit, the one like a car, had total bearing failure. The bearings were complete junk before I noticed it. When we took it apart, it had just started leaking. I also rebuilt the raw water pump and it had signs of weepage as well. BTW, here's a link to the rebuild process.

        pretty strait forward if you know which end of the screwdriver to hold.

        Other then that, as mentioned, there are a couple of hoses that can leak and they're a bit difficult to see, since they are all kind of jam up tight to the front of the engine.

        Good luck.