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Thinking about adding a water maker this winter

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    Thanks for the replies. One more question, why make water in a marina? I thought potable water was available at all marinas, at least it is where I boat it is. Even though it is potable I always use a small carbon filter on the incoming line and then I have dual 5 micron GAC and carbon filters on board to filter water from the tank. Nothing fancy but it sure removes and funny tastes sometimes associated usually with marina water. Carbon filters by the way do remove e coli. That being said we drink our potable water on board and have been doing so for over 20 years. No bottled water on Midnight Sun.

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    Cheers, Hans
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      Quite interesting reading. We have the Village Marine Little Squirt, not used for years. I started to take on purging, cleaning and replacing parts. I’ll restart the project soon as I failed in my first attempt. With a full tank on our 5288 and 23 days aboard we still showed about half a tank when we returned to dock: two adults and two dogs. Admittedly, we did do sailor showers. Thanks all for the tutorials. I’ll be back most likely.
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