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    Just some fuel/mileage info

    Hi folks. We own a 3288 with twin 150 Hinos. We just did a two week trip in Southeast Alaska where we live and I wanted to pass along some figures. We went a shade over 500 miles in a straight line, that is by using the chart book. We don't have an auto pilot so you all know just how straight our actual course must have been. Not very. Lots of logs to dodge and small bays to enter and leave. Who knows how far we really went. We filled up when we left Ketchikan and refilled half way through the trip and filled up again when we got back home. 280 gallons of fuel. We ran the furnace some. Idled around a lot. Ran 12 knots a few times when it was windy but 90 percent of the time we ran 7 and 8 knots. 1.78 nautical miles per gallon. I think that's amazing.

    3270 with twin 110 Hinos - yep, 6kt, 2mpg. Sweet!
    1985 Bayliner 3270
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