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shaft brush replacement

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    shaft brush replacement

    One of my shaft brushes fell off from corrosion.

    The replacement Pro Mariner 20035 seems to have been discontinued.

    Any alternatives out there?

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    2005 Meridian 490
    Tacoma, WA

    Sorry I should have checked the wider archives first. I have found some options to research now...
    2005 Meridian 490
    Tacoma, WA


      I wonder what you'd learn if you left it off for a season to see if there is any difference between the side with a brush and that without. I've never used brushes or shaft zincs and haven't had any negative results.
      1989 26' then 1994 32' now 2001 39'


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        I have adapted to your "no shaft zinc" policy, Bob. Too many times they are gone when I pull the boat or they are so loose they are just spinning. I do hang a zinc off the stern quarter cleat in the harbor and it really works well. It's grounded out in the engine compartment and then the wire runs up behind the fiberglass "wall" and out by the cleat. The wire won't reach the props if I forget to pull it. Those brushes can create electricity as well as tame it. I wonder about the advantages same as you.

      Coincidently the same issue happened to me last week. Pro mariner stopped making them but sure marine has a better option available. You can get it direct from Sure marine for 99 dollars or fishery supply as well.
      1999 3988
      Cummins 270s


        My $$$ carbon brushes fell off repeatedly - I eventually gave up and allowed the copper strip to ride the shaft and kept an eye on it. Contact was good, there was "cleaning" showing on the shaft but zero wear, same for the copper strips. So I left them like that and moved on to other issues...
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