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    Ping Mr Ducksoop - Blackwater tank replacement-gctid352849

    I have sent you a PM regarding info on blackwater tank replacement on our 1988 4588.

    If anybody out there has experience on this job, would appreciate info.

    Thank you as always.


    Hi Ken,

    I am pretty sure that procedure came from us - after we documented it we also forwarded it to Bayliner who also disburses it for those that need it (Ken Naff).

    It was put together before digital photo's so it is a bit harder to share - please send us your e-mail address and we can get it to you within a day or so when I am home.

    BTW - I assume your Al holding tank is now leaking at the lower angled neck and that is the problem?

    Ron & Karen

    "No Worries"

    PS - I see you are in NY where abouts are you? How long have you had the boat?
    Northport NY


      Hi Ron & Karen

      We have had the boat for 9 years, with the majority of the time as "Full Time Cruisers" aka Liveaboards. Bought her outside of Ananpolis from an estate while she wasn't even for sale. The engines had only 320 Hrs at the time (now 2,000) which orignially was our greatest concern. With attention, and service this proved to be no problem. Of course having THE EARL himself onboard recently in NYC really helped, he is the best thing we could ever ask for! Salubrious has been a fantastic boat for us to do all the things we ever expected from her. Many seasons of too many rivers to count on the Chesapeake, 3 times up-down the Intra-Coastal, Florida Keys living for 5 years, cruising the out islands in the Bahamas when we stopped seeing any sign of motoryachts, etc...

      We are now at Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club across from the Empire State building in Weehawken NJ for two years. In April we will be moving Salubrious up to Mystic CT for at least the summer season and probably more. So much more to see and experience ahead.

      So I guess you can tell by now by my rambling, I really don't want to get around to the problem... but here goes;

      The tank is showing water on the shelf plate it is sitting on, for some time now. Not sure if the water on the shelf is completely from exterior freshwater leaks but certainly plays a part. Plus the stainless vented loop/solenoid set up I replaced just a few years back is without exageration, gone. This has introduced sea water into the area which is causing corrosion. The angled bottom connector you mention is very hard too really see as to whether this is the issue or not. It is a poly-tank though. The sanitation hoses are original and obviously need to go. I have replaced one of the Y valves through the narrow door a few years back, but probably dont have the patience nor stealth to get in their anymore. Most everything on this boat that I could change has been updated (none of the tanks though).

      So I am in a pickle now, as to the whole issue of lack of accesabilty. If I get in that space one way or another, everything will be changed out without a doubt. I do not want to relive this again. So what ever help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

      Ken Kastl

      [email protected]


        Ken, your memory is correct that we contemplated installing a replacement tank in its original position but we haven't done it yet. When the original tank in our 45 failed, the PO installed a replacement in the lazarette and that's what we're still using. Smitty was very helpful in sending us his detailed step-by-step instructions on how to gain access to the area under the guest vanity so the original tank could be removed and a new one installed there--and Earl has even offered to mark up the vanity to show us where the cuts should be made--but my husband (Mr. Ducksoop) is still working up his nerve to saw the bathroom in half.

        Good luck on your project and take Smitty up on his offer to provide the tutorial. He documented the process very well.


          Ducksoop - You bring up a very good point that this procedure is not for the faint of heart . While it is doable by a reasonably handy person it is a larger project which requires careful planning and patience which many of us do not have the time for.

          Additionally - As the years go by and we post these projects over again we fail to bring up all of the leading indicators so perhaps a seacrh of the past posts will help as well.

          KeysKen - We are very jealous of your baoting experiences and may try to follow your lead in one or a dozen years from now!

          Mystic is a great place we get there almost every year adn it has a bunch of places that you can get to by foot and/or a short taxi ride. Good for adults, kids, grandkids, dighies, and plenty of places to eat as well. It can also serve as a good central location to visit many other 'good' places that are within just a 2-4 hours cruise including: Essex area, Block Island, Greenport, and most of RI.

          Your post does not read as if you are certian the holding tank has failed - if your holding tank is poly and not leaking then I would avoid this project as a replacement - it is a large job.

          Perhaps go under the sink and pull the acesss panel to gain a look at the tank and use a mirror and bright flashlight to determine if the level drops over time (flaashlight on top through hall access mirror under sink). alternately you can add a large dose of bright red food coloring into the tank thorugh the pumpout and see if you get a color fairly quickly at the floor of the hall access.

          Ken- The procedure should be in your in-box by now.

          Hope this helps
          Northport NY


            I second the flashlight inspection.... water intrusion is sometimes a tortuous path, and older boats have alot of failing caulking. I have the poly tank, and they are almost indestructible. look at you sink fittings as well, and check to see if water is collecting on the sink countertop as well....I had a leak here that turned out to be from poor caulking around the engine vent intakes..... Also, check your hoses for signs of failure, and if any need replacement use a good 4 ply, wire reinforced hose to replace any that need it, and use double SS clamps, and 5200 caulk on hose fittings... if you need to remove the hose in future, a heat gun will do it nicely. good luck

            PS: you can add colored water into your holding tank and see if your leak is colored... add some food coloring and pour it down the pumpout.