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Windlass teeth stripped

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    A snubber is used to absorb the sudden pull on the chain due to rising wave or similar action of the boat. The idea is that without a snubber all the tugging force will apply directly to the anchor roller and the windlass, possibly causing damage to those components. Once you are satisfied with the chain/anchor you apply a bridle, which is a Y-shaped rope connection from somewhere on the chain (after the anchor roller) and tie the two ends to two cleats on the bow. Then you release about a foot of chain. Because of the bridle the chain doesn't go in the water but creates a loose hanging section between the bridle connected to the chain and the windlass. At this point all of the weight/tugging of the chain is carried via the bridle, not the ancho roller or windlass.

    A snubber is usually a rubber section that the anchor rode is wrapped around so that while the chain is held tight the rubber can flex if sudden force is applied.

    A don't use a snubber with the chain, just a bridle. The snubber is most useful when used to tie the boat to a pier so that a sudden jerking pull on the ropes is absorbed by the snubber; that prevents breaking the line and/or applying undue force on the boat cleat.

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      Or chuck the all chain rode and go with a hybrid chain/rope rode. The rope will give you all the suspension you need therefor no snubber required and you can tie off to a cleat which facilitates things substantially. Plus no need for a bridle. As a bonus the anchor roller will not wear out with all that chain eating away at it every time you use the anchor no to mention so much quieter at anchor. Have always had a hybrid rode however the Carver came with all chain, just changed it out to hybrid as got tired of the noise and complications of all chain.
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        I have 180 feet of chain followed by splicd 200' of rode. My issue there is a like the fact that as the boat gets pulled back the weight of the chain increases as it gets raised off the floor and keeps it from stretching all the way (up to a certain strength of current/wind). With all rode (or little chain), there is less weight hold the boat in place. The other is that I've had less luck with the rode going through the windlass than the chain (up until this fiasco). Definitely agree with the noise though because any movement of the chain on the floor carries right into the vberth.

      I have Mantis Marine Bridle/Snubber....
      pretty simple, you layout your anchor chain, there is special chain hook, you lay on the deck and hook the chain below pull pit, the other 2 ropes go to the two front bow then run out another 15-20' of chain, and tight up the two lines, now the two lines are taking all the force of the chain, our chain will actually dip above the chain hook..this is when we do one final back down to set the using the bridle you end lower point of pull, our long, other have shorter ones, we drop our 10' or fee down into the water so the pull is rough 15' from the bow basically changes your whole anchor line ratio as well. best of all no strain on pickup just reverse the steps...the first few times it takes a while, now we add it in less then 1 mins as we have it down and ready to go prior to dropping
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        Finally got around to visiting boat.


          While comparing the photos of the chain the gypsy to photos on the net, it seems like my gypsy was oversized for the chain, not that it was terribly loose, but in the pictures online, the chain was such a tight fit. Is this how it's supposed to be? Is this potentially why my chain would twist?


            That’s one thrashed looking windlass.
            - Definitely need to know make & model, but I’ve never seen a 2 part gypsy before, and if that’s the friction cone beneath it, she was pretty worn before it broke in half.

            Having said that, it looks repairable, given that you can source parts - new G4 gypsy, bottom cone, likely a chain stripper, (which are all bolt on bits) and you’ll likely be back in business.
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              Well the chain stripper didn't fit right. The Allen bolt didn't sit recessed in it like the previous one so I used the old one. That being said this gypsy was also a two part gypsy, held together with three Allen bolts. Looks much better now