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    Boat WiFi

    We have a T-Mobile 5g MyFi and it does a terrible job at wifi, barely one bar, can't log in and see anything when away from the boat. Our Marina has WiFi free but I don't want to log into that because it's an open network. What are people doing to get secure, reliable WiFi on their boats? I'm talking about the greater Puget Sound, not remote areas.

    Thank you
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    Most Marina's have open ( insecure) networks. We use them for streaming but not much else. We just use a phone (as hotspot) or a 4G/LTE MyFi when we want a secure connection. I don't believe 5G is very available on the water ( i.e. Greater Puget Sound ) yet. Maybe you should try turning off 5G on your MyFi (forcing it to 4G/LTE) and see if thats any better.

    Otherwise you will need to go the route of a more expensive solution (i.e. pro router with external antenna) - Onboard Wireless ( in Seattle is a good resource.

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      I use a cellular router. I have an ATT unlimited plan and it works very well.

      Click image for larger version

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      Whats the weather like on the boat

      Where am I right now?


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        Kevin, what’s coming out of the back of that other than a power cord and Ethernet? What is the Ethernet connected to? We have “unlimited” T-Mobile plan but as it get’s towards the end of the month it is very slow, at least it is on the MiFi which is 5G and I think 3G…? I didn’t research it very well, ok not at all before we got it. I’ll look into your router assuming you can use that for any cell provider

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        I have a external antenna to improve the range. The ethernet goes to a layer 2 switch and the other ethernet ges to the satellite system

      Tmobile Home Internet works very well in Puget Sound, unlimited 5g, router is included free, $50/month. Technically not for mobile but works great. Doesn't work in Canada. The router itself is pretty basic but has strong wifi signal.

      I have a Peplink router (balance 20x) with AT&T unlimited (4g, I haven't sprung for the additional 5g modem yet) and the Tmobile 5g home connected to it by ethernet letting me select whichever service I want and providing ethernet and wifi throughout the boat.
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        Thank you! I'll look into T-Mobile Home. I checked out Kevin's router and it doesn't support T-Mobile, only Verizon and AT&T

      As far as open Wi-Fi what
      you can do is use VPN. VPN sets up an encrypted channel more or less between you and your cell provider or some other
      connection point.
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        Ok, going this route, T-Mobile home isn’t available yet for me…lol. Thanks Tony