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New to me 87(39) 4588-gctid352556

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    New to me 87(39) 4588-gctid352556

    I picked up a wonderful 4588 this last fall and really enjoy it. I see that there is a new set of spare props (stock size and pitch) in a compartment and I think the previous owner may have propped up in pitch. My WOT max rpm is around 2600 on the twin 220hp Hinos and top speed is about 14mph. I was wondering what prop everyone is running and what your cruising speed is.

    Thanks in advance


    "Slack Tide"

    As others will tell you I am sure, with a clean bottom and normally loaded your 47 needs to do 3000 RPM to avoid damage to the Hinos at WOT. Not reaching the needed 3000 could be props or other things. Make certain the tachs are correct before you start "fixing" things". A strobe Tach from Harbor Freight is a good relatively inexpensive investment but you will need a helper to use it.
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      I'm running Nibral 22x21 props on my '88 4518.

      The Hino EH700TIs spin up to 3,000 rpm and I'm going about 19.5 knots in fresh water at that RPM.

      Enjoy the boat,

      Jim V.



        2600 is too low. When I got my 4550 (which is what yours is, being an 87)I was told WOT was 3050. At WOT I go 17.5Kts. I have only done that once. I generally run between 2200 and 2500. At 2500 I am doing about 12 to 12.5 full load.

        As Mikey says check bottom etc before doing anything major but your RPM need to rise.

        Enjoy your great new ride. We got ours in 2003 and still love it.

        Cheers John


          Before you make any expensive changes, make sure that your throttles are properly adjusted. You may not be getting full travel.