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Inverter battery charger failure

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    Buy a Magnum. Excellent unit.
    1989 26' then 1994 32' now 2001 39'


      I too had inverter problems with our Xantrex heart freedom 2500 unit whereby it wasn't charging the batteries properly. My buddy also had problems with his xantrex for it overcharged (cooked) his batteries. I've removed mine and bought a Victron 3000/120 unit with a remote panel works great and a bit less then the magnum unit in $$$. I haven't disposed of my xantrx yet so if you need parts let me know.
      1993 3888
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      Lowrance electronics
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        Thanks for all the replies.
        The electrician came on board and diagnosed the problem. The circuit from the inverter battery charger breaker to the charger shorted melting the green ground wire, Then shorting the black wire to the breaker. This probably happened due to running two AC heat pump heaters, two electric AC heaters, the stove, and the television simultaneously. I’m not used to living on a boat and being limited to less than 30 A loads. To solve the shorted wire without running new wire the electrician put the transfer switch circuit on the inverter battery charger circuit, so they now both work on the same breaker. Blah blah blah electrical stuff, it works now my batteries charge, I have to limit the loads I put on the shore or GEN set power.
        this lesson was relatively cheap at $450. I’m hoping not to learn any more
        Thanks again for everybody’s input. I’m glad it wasn’t a blown in Inverter charger as those run $2500 plus.