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    Johnny Vintage
    i got my no flex at Western marine,close to you


      Cosmo might be onto something with oxiclean. The ingredients of noflex are super (maybe exact) similar to Oxiclean at pennies on the dollar.
      Tally and Vicki
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      • MidnightSun
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        The main active ingredient in NoFlex is Sodium Percarbonate which is also the active ingredient to Oxiclean however only about 60% pure. You can get a bucket (40 lbs) of 99% pure Sodiuim Percarbonate for about $100 delivered which should last decades! I also use this in my garage drain once a year and my home sump pump cavity.

      No Flex has been a big help. I pumpout on a weekly basis. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. I had a broken vent exit fixture 8 months ago. Replaced it, the lines, and the inline filter. My experience has been pumpout before you head out. Even a quarter tank becomes a foul milkshake clogging filter and you get lingering foul odor.
      A unpleasant urine odor could be a bowl seal on a vaccuflush. And/or male passengers to I’ll-informed to understand SIT DOWN spraying every where or shaking the manhood like it’s a public restroom.
      I had the bellows in my vaccuflush pump crack last month which pushed a little effluent past the top seal on the pit but it was a mor pungent aroma with puddling under the guest shower pan.
      Another source of foul odors is of course old hoses but that is a distinct smell.
      Sad to have experienced these crappy issues but you learn a little each time and generally pay for the lesson.


        We've used No Flex in our boats for years. Good stuff, as stated previously. Highly recommend.
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          Inlet Marine sell the ZAAL NoFlex digester, also POCO Marine sell it too. By the looks of it, it is also available on We have been using this stuff on Merlin for years, and it does control any odour from the holding tank, the vacuum generators AND the sanitation lines, but better yet, it breaks down most of the biological solids on the inside of the hoses, opening them up over time.

          The holding tank on Merlin had to be removed for other work this Summer, and while we were that far in, I had the yard replace all sanitation lines. In reality, it turned out that the sanitation lines were in decent shape from an operation or odour point of view, but as the boat is now 20 years old, we felt it was prudent to change them anyway.
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          'Merlin V'
          Vancouver BC


            Originally posted by Johnny_Vintage View Post
            Looks like ZAAL is gone too.

            AMAZON.COM said currently unavalable and not sure if the will have it again.

            FISHERIES- it's not on there web site either.

            Anything with formaldehyde has been banned in THE USA.

            Looks like STINKFEST for all of us in North America.
            ZAAL Noflex is not discontinued as it is environmentally friendly not like Aqua Kem which uses Formaldehyde.
            Cheers, Hans
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            Twin Volvo D6-370
            Montreal, Canada
            Midnight Sun I Photos


              Thanks Robin.

              MARK (UP) at Inlet said he ordered us 2 Aqua Kems from Western Marine. Maybe they have some old stock. $8.90 at Walmart, 20 bucks at Inlet. Hence the name!!

              So, you find the Zaal stuff good. I've never heard of it before my STINK O RAMA post. Is it an RV product?



              • MerlinV
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                After seeing this post I ordered 6 containers from MARK UP, and it's on back order from Western Marine - sounds ominous. I'm not sure of the history of this stuff, but it's packaged by Gemini Packaging in Richmond BC who handle lots of other cleaning products. I've never been a fan of holding tank deodorants which can smell worse than the tank aroma, but this stuff has been the real deal for us. There's more info here:
                The Meridian 490 (4788) has 2 vacuflush vacuum generators in the hallway, so any odor is immediately noticeable - Zaal NoFlex fixed this in no time.

              We’ve been using noflex exclusively for the seven years we have owned our boat. Works great! Sprinkle a bit in the heads everyday. Maybe a teaspoon or so. I’m going to investigate oxyclean and bulk purchase.
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                I've found. ZAAL. NOFLEX digester at. Amazon Prime, LFS marine in Bellingham and at Marine Sanitation in Seattle.....Hope this helps ....Brad
                Brad & Sharon
                Lady Jake
                1985 4550 EH 700TI /Twin Disc 502
                Anacortes/La Conner, Wa.


                  Robin, what is a crap generator? We just have the cheapo Jabsco pump crappers. Good so far except when you get overnight guests from Cuba.

                  NO COMPRENDO😣


                  • MerlinV
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                    The Vacuflush head system operates in a similar way to toilets on an airplane. A vacuum is created in the toilet by a vacuum generator. When the toilet is flushed everything in the bowl is sucked out to a tank in the vacuum generator, and as the vacuum is building up again, waste matter is pumped from the vacuum generator to the holding tank. More info.....

                  ZAAL Noflex Digestor is on sale at False Creek Fuels in Vancouver for $19.98.

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