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Replacing Norcold DE-704 on Bayliner 32-gctid352347

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  • Replacing Norcold DE-704 on Bayliner 32-gctid352347

    I need to replace the Fridge on my 1988 B3218. It runs all the time to keep cold and is noisy.

    It looks like the Nova Kool R4500 will fit in the space, but the R5810 also looks like it might fit and has 30% more volume.

    Has anyone installed the R5810? Any problems getting it to fit?

    Thanks for any advice

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    I've got the same problem.

    A number of dockmates have suggested increasing the ventilation and adding a computer fan to the compressor area for more air circulation.

    I am going to try this and if it doesn't work, I am going to look at putting a bar fridge in as a temporary fix.

    The 12 V fridges are killer expensive.


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      When my Nocold DE-0061 died I replaced it w/ an Isotherm CR-187. The CR-187 has integrated forced air cooling, so it may be mounted in a sealed box.

      Old DE-0061

      New CR-187

      New CR-187 showing Intake Vents on Sides of Lower Door and Exhaust Vent Above Freezer Door


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        I replaced my Norcold with the NovaKool 405 last summer on my '89 3270. Easy smooth fit. Even then it was tight....cant imagine anything bigger without some significant modifications. It is very quiet...and cycles on a lot less. You will love it.


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          I would have loved to fit the Nova Kool 5800 in my 3270 but the cabinet is not deep enough on the left side. I finally settled for the 4500. I will install it shortly and expect an easy fit. Glad to hear that it runs well.
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            I replaced a Norcold DE-704 with a Nova Kool R45704. See the link below. Good luck.

            100T MMC 2307794