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4788 transom door

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    4788 transom door

    our transom door has developed a crack along the top and side any thoughts on how to repair
    2001 4788
    Knott again

    A lot of Bayliner's 39s 45s 47s have the same issue why??? My fix would be grind,repair with resin/fiberglass then filler or gelcoat,then sand and buff.
    Brad & Sharon
    Lady Jake
    1985 4550 EH 700TI /Twin Disc 502
    Anacortes/La Conner, Wa.


      The transom door is basically formed as a bowl shell, with the flat side formed by dropping in a squarish piece of 3/4” ply. It’s then gel coated in place. With movement/torsion over the years, the edges crack, certainly along the top and down the sides, that can accentuate over time with moisture etc.

      Certainly grind it out. My repair guy bogged it and matched/sprayed a 2 pak epoxy paint, versus trying to gelcoat repair which was significantly more expensive. Your choice!

      John H
      Brisbane QLD Aust

      2000 - 4788/Cummins 370's


        You could always go old school and put a wooden or starboard cap rail around the cockpit


          My transom door had the same issue. I paid several hundred dollars to have it "fixed" by a really good fiberglass shop.

          A decade later it's cracked again.

          I'm not fixing it. I might stop drill it this spring but nothing more.

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            My transom door was cracked across the top inner edge when I bought it in 2015. The door was also holding some water inside. The weight caused some hang up swing issues.
            I took itoff the hinges, drilled a drain hole in the bottom & drained it. I then filled and patched the crack with fiberglass filler, reseated the hinges & screws & reset the door. Held up for 5 years.
            This year the cap rail or fell hard and spider cracked the hinged topside. I have since put a thin pad on the underside of that hinged teak cap rail (too late).
            Now I plan to take the door off and have a fiberglass guy re-do the door top. It is beyond my patience level. Low on my priority list as it can’t be seen with the cap rail down & the teak is so pretty you just don’t see it.
            1990 4588
            Port Hueneme Ca