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4788 cockpit control station

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    4788 cockpit control station

    Browsing around looking at what people have done/added to their boat I came upon a ‘99 4788 that has a cockpit control station. We purchased a ‘00 last fall and only drove a few times before it was put to bed for the long winter here in MN. We have thrusters, adding another control for them would be straight forward.

    I haven’t had a lot of time to crawl around the boat looking at the control connections. So my question does anyone have experience installing one of these stations?

    Click image for larger version

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    The yay the throttle and shift works on the 4788 is there is a hydraulic line that is all in series with the control stations.
    That is demonstrated by the throttles and shifters moving in the flying bridge in unison with the ones in the pilothouse.

    This makes installation fairly straight forward. You disconnect the line at the engine (or transmission) and insert the new control in series with that line.

    No, i have not done it yet, but it is "in the plans" to do as it would make backing into a slip easy peasy.


    Whats the weather like on our boat

    Where are we right now?


      Click image for larger version

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ID:	612331This should help...Having cockpit controls are great to have just as thrusters are(i'am jealous) for tight maneuvering,picking up mooring buoys....Years ago I won a set of Mathers Controls I installed an extra set in the cockpit I couldn't be happier with them,now just would like Thrusters maybe in another life time with all the other things I would like to have.
      Brad & Sharon
      Lady Jake
      1985 4550 EH 700TI /Twin Disc 502
      Anacortes/La Conner, Wa.


        Thanks guys. It’s great to have experienced minds to tap for questions.


          Could be a future project. I like this idea.


            My 3818 had Mathers with a tethered remote in the cockpit. I could walk side to side but didn’t have thrusters. It’s now a “gotta have” when my wallet recovers from the 4788 purchase and I can start all my dream upgrades.
            Drew Haas
            1998 4788 "Painkiller"